Straw Harrows

Straw Harrows


Turbomulch is the new range of straw harrows designed by Agrisem, exhibited as world premiere at Agritechnica. The Turbomulch appears as the fastest and most economical way to encourage quick weeds germination and reduce slug populations after harvesting. All these benefits are also related to the machine’s assets such as high working rate, low fuel consumption and reduction of herbicides use.

Technical assets!

We’ve added (as option in the front) two patented rows of hydraulically adjustable cutting coulters (Ø400 mm) to stir stems and stubble residues. A Cutter roller can also equip the machine for a perfect work on rape and sunflower stubbles. The knife roller crushes and breaks the stems that then are mixed in by the tines.

Then, 5 rows of tines (76mm length and Ø16mm) with large clearance and overlap ability guarantee a good spreading of matter. Tines angle can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor’s cabin. The Last two rows have a independent working angles with manual adjustment to offer more or less aggressive work.

The machine ensures an optimal contour following thanks to the independent positionning of the individual sections on the parallelogram and also a good maintain by front stabilizing wheels on each side.

Agronomic benefits!

Turbomulch straw harrow is the perfect tool for cutting and spreading all types of crop residues after harvesting.

It allows a fast and cheap creation of stale seedbed which will encourage weeds to germinate quickly at the same depth at the same time. Because weed seeds are mixed into the top 30mm of soil, all weeds will germinate; on another hand, weed germination may fail if the work is performed too deeply.

The Turbomulch is also an efficient tool to reduce slug populations by breaking up their nests and drying out their eggs by mixing and exposing the stubble to sunlight.

We offer the possibility to connect the Turbomulch to a compartmented front hopper (DSF) to sow different types of seeds at different rates at the same time. It helps to implement a cover crop in a fast, simple and cheap way.

The Turbomulch, preferably equipped with the front two rows of cutting coulters, is ideal for very early spring soil preparation – to open, level-out and warm up the top soil.

A source of savings!

Turbomulch is perfect to achieve a quality spreading of post-harvest residues with a low fuel consumption and power needs. The large operating width of the straw-harrow and high working speed obtain significant daily outputs with the machine. Without roller, the machine evolves in every working conditions such as wet weather.

This machine can be considered as the first step for a farmer who want to move to a responsible crop management by cuttings pesticides. Less herbicides through a better weeds management and less slug pellets through a better slug eggs management. The Turbomulch has also an important role to play while moving from minimum tillage to direct drilling.