Disc Harrows

Disc Harrows
Disc Harrows

Disc-O-Mulch Silver

The Disc-O-Mulch Silver is an independent disc stubble-breaker equipped with a 100×100 mm reinforced frame and with 30×30 mm percussion 3D security.

Like all the Disc-O-Mulch, the two rows of discs have different diameters. On the Disc-O-Mulch Silver, the different discs are: Ø 510 at the front and Ø 460 at the back.

This enables the first row to go through the crops easily, while the second row makes the seeding bed finer.
The machine is equipped with high security and maintenance free hubs.

This model is available mounted or semi-mounted.

The Disc-O-Mulch Silver is especially suitable for a work at the surface and on light and medium soils with a working depth from 5 to 10 cm.

Disc Harrows

Disc-O-Mulch Gold

The Disc-O-Mulch Gold is an independent discs stubble-breaker which answers to high performance needs.

Its features make the Disc-O-Mulch is as suitable for the destruction of crop residues as the preparation of the seedbed at high working speeds.

Equipped with two rows of large diameter discs (Ø 610 at the front and Ø 560 at the back), it enables to work blockage-free even with high amounts of crops residues.

The discs are mounted on high quality and maintenance free hubs.

The 3D security with 35×35 mm spring percussion ensure a regular work and power saving.

A large choice of rollers available enables an efficient soil consolidation in every kind of conditions.

The wide range of Disc-O-Mulch Gold includes mounted and trailed machines in working widths from 3 m to 9 m.

Disc Harrows

Disc-O-Mulch 10-12m

Disc-O-Mulch 10 and 12 m are Agrisem’s largest independent disc stubble-breaker.

With there 10 and 12 meters large, they are made up of 2 folding elements of respectivly 5 and 6 meters each.

It brings together the strength and the technique of the Disc-O-Mulch Gold, in order to answer to the needs of the biggest farmings.

The new Extra model is fitted with less discs and the distance between rows of discs is more important to work in presence of residue.

Disc Harrows