Tine Seed Drills

Tine Seed Drills
Tine Seed Drills


The Vibrosem is an inline seeder with tines and four rows of vibrating tines, equipped with seeding elements. It is available in 3 and 6 meters, which is more multipurpose than a classic seeder with shares. The Vibrosem can be associated with a DSF 1000 / 1600 / 2200 front hopper.

With its under frame clearance of 60 cm and between beams of 61 cm, it is capable of seeding quickly and with optimal efficiency on a superficially prepared soil or on ploughed land. Seeding directly in the tine offers many advantages:
- Very good penetration in the soil thanks to the 70x12mm tine
- Incorporation of the crop residues at seeding in the case of superficial preparation
- Restriction of the number of passages because not much or even no preparation of soil is necessary
- Very good results of germination because the working depth is equal to the seeding depth
- Destruction of intercropping, etc.

The advantages of the Vibrosem:
- The Vibrosem offers an unrivalled flexibility (stubble-breaking or seeding)
- High building output
- Reduced power demand and consumption