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The Disc-O-Sem Silver T is a new trailed seeder available in 3 and 4m, which can be used in all cultural systems.

This machine is different by its flexible soil work module with independent discs which allow it to develop on a mulch or on more prepared soils.

The preparation of the seeding bed is made with a 2 row stubble-breaker with independent discs.
„- The 460 mm diameter discs which are mounted on maintenance free hubs assure an optimal mix of the soil.
„- The seeder horizon is, in any condition, made of thin earth which will enable a homogeneous lift.

The support is done directly with the tire roller which is also useful for the transport
„- At the end of the fields; all the wheels lift uniformly the machine and reduce the pressure on the ground and the compaction.
- The whole machine is stable because the frame always stays at the same height. Only the stubble-breaking discs and the ramp are lifted.

The seeding is made precisely thanks to the “Minimum Tillage” seeder ramp.
„- All the discs are guided individually by special wheels, for a precise seeding.
- The inter row is of 15 cm.
- The adjustability of centralized pressure of the seeding elements guarantees a regular seeding, no matter what the working conditions are like.
- Each element disposes of a Teflon strip with no risk of jamming.
- The adjustability of the dose is assured in cabin and enables to distribute from 0.4 to 250 kg/Ha.

Your advantages:
- A trailed machine needs nearly no traction effort and is fuel saving.
- High speed work
- Precise seeding

Disc-O-Sem Silver T


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Seed drill for seeding in rows at high speed
Hopper capacity 2000 L
Pneumatic distribution of seeds by air flow
Disc diameter Ø460
Tire roller Ø800 with rubber amortization
«Minimum tillage» seeding ramp with 120 kg seeding share pressure, centralized pressure adjustment
Pressure wheel and covering harrow for each sowing line
Warning kit with reflective plates and lamps
Possibility to seed only with a half machine (left or right)
Seeding control computer «A-Controler»
Tractor top link coupling n° 3 with Front-Pack (optional)

  Foldable models
Working width (m) 3,00 4,00
Transport width (m) (without accessories) 3,00 400
Weight (kg) 4 050 4 725
Power min-max (hp) 120-180 140-200
Hopper capacity (L) 2 000 2 000
Number of seeding shares 20 28
Number of discs 24 32
Diameter of the discs (mm) Ø 460 Ø 460

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