Disc Seed Drills

Disc Seed Drills
Disc Seed Drills

Disc-O-Sem Silver P

The Disc-O-Sem Silver P are net combined machines which are compact and mounted, which enables a preparation of the seeding bed saving power and fuel. This model exists in a fix version with a disc harrow, but also in an adjustable mounted version with a coupling eye, either with a disc harrow, or with an Actimulch rotating harrow.
Completed with a Combisem 1000 seeder which has a 1000L cistern and “Minimum Tillage” seeding ramp with a 15cm space and 120kg pressure par seeding element, the whole machine becomes a saving seeding combination.

Your advantages:
- Fuel saving
- High working speed
- Ultra compact design
- Adjustability according to the working conditions with an Actimulch rotating harrow or a disc harrow
- Low power required

Disc Seed Drills

Disc-O-Sem Silver T

The Disc-O-Sem Silver T is a new trailed seeder available in 3 and 4m, which can be used in all cultural systems.

This machine is different by its flexible soil work module with independent discs which allow it to develop on a mulch or on more prepared soils.

The preparation of the seeding bed is made with a 2 row stubble-breaker with independent discs.
„- The 460 mm diameter discs which are mounted on maintenance free hubs assure an optimal mix of the soil.
„- The seeder horizon is, in any condition, made of thin earth which will enable a homogeneous lift.

The support is done directly with the tire roller which is also useful for the transport
„- At the end of the fields; all the wheels lift uniformly the machine and reduce the pressure on the ground and the compaction.
- The whole machine is stable because the frame always stays at the same height. Only the stubble-breaking discs and the ramp are lifted.

The seeding is made precisely thanks to the “Minimum Tillage” seeder ramp.
„- All the discs are guided individually by special wheels, for a precise seeding.
- The inter row is of 15 cm.
- The adjustability of centralized pressure of the seeding elements guarantees a regular seeding, no matter what the working conditions are like.
- Each element disposes of a Teflon strip with no risk of jamming.
- The adjustability of the dose is assured in cabin and enables to distribute from 0.4 to 250 kg/Ha.

Your advantages:
- A trailed machine needs nearly no traction effort and is fuel saving.
- High speed work
- Precise seeding

Disc Seed Drills


The COMBISEM seeding ramp is available from 3m to 6m in fix or foldable is, once combined with a front hopper DSF 1000/1600/2200 and a rotary harrow Actimulch a set easy to handle and well-balanced.

The seeding ramp is available in a 12.5 cm inter-row with the "Standard tillage" seeding share or in a 15cm inter-row with the "Minimum tillage" seeding share.