Catch Crop Seed Drills

Catch Crop Seed Drills
Catch Crop Seed Drills

DS 200-500

The DS 200-500 is a seeder that is made to adapt itself on several machines such as the Disc-O-Mulch, the Maximulch, and also on the Vibromulch which its width doesn’t exceed 6m.

It enables to plant all types of small seeds and vegetation cover. This reduces the number of passages.

The DS 200-500’s hopper is very easy to get onto thanks to its approved footboard and can contain from 200 to 500L.

The measuring cup underneath the hopper includes a distributor shaft which has 2 types of slots, according to the size of the seeds.

After the measuring, the seed is sent by pipes to the spark-gap, and then settled just before the passage of the machine’s roller for soil preparation.

The powering of the metering unit and of the turbine is assured either by an electrical motor, either hydraulically.

The thickness of the seeding varies from 0,6 to 53kh/a (for 3m width and 15km/h speed).