Fertilizer Applicator

Fertilizer Applicator
Fertilizer Applicator


The LOCASEM is a solid fertilizer localisator with hoeing system associate. The LOCASEM is fitted with stainless steel hopper of 2200 liters and it available in two width 6 and 8 rows (70, 75 and 80 cm space between rows). With a high clearance of 680 mm, this machine is able to work in plants with relatively advanced stage of development.
The LOCASEM allows you to optimize burying of your fertilizer quickly and precisely at different stage of development of your plant.
The conveying of the fertilizer is carried out by hydraulically driven fan. The stainless steel electrical distribution is controlled by an electric motor and a speed control by radar.
The computer “A-Controler” allows a pre-starting of distribution and a modulation of the rate when working according to your use. You can get as an option all benefits of an ISOBUS managing system.
Burying units ensures precise application of fertilizer. Tips and faceplate are equipped with carbide which ensures good durability. Covering-over is by discs or by tines.
These units are fixed on 3D security of 35x35 mm.
Each burying unit is fitted with stainless steel depressurizer. It aims to separating fertilizer and air flow which avoids circuit pressure rise and allows a higher flow rate.